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7/6/2023 9:45 PM

Animal Success Stories

 Many people ask "What is rescue and how does it work?” These are just a few stories!








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As our older dog, Dewey, was aging, my husband, Eric, had talked periodically about getting a second dog. After several months, I got on board with that idea - Eric had found cocker nation on-line & called Becky - she put us in touch with both Grand Rapids foster homes. We visited Mende first & met Rusty - he captured our hearts instantly - neither of us could believe we'd end up adopting the first dog we visited. :-) Mende provided Rusty just what he needed when he was rescued. We were able to bring him home about a year ago. He was pretty withdrawn at first & took him a few months to feel secure. As more time has gone on, he has turned into the sweetest, cuddliest, entertaining dog. We love him so much! It has been rewarding to observe him being able to trust again & getting over most of his fear issues. After we lost our older dog a few weeks ago, we have really appreciated Mende staying in touch with us & helping us potentially find another buddy for Rusty. We appreciate Cocker Nation & all you do for our furry friends. Amy

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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