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7/6/2023 9:45 PM

Tag fundraiser






 Is there a special dog in your life?  If so we would like to hear about him or her.

Everyday, we receive dogs who have never known a loving home.  Now, you and the special dog in your life can help us give our rescue dogs a second chance.

If you would like to participate all you have to do is follow five easy  steps (fill out the form)

1. Choose a rescue dog

2. Choose a tag for the rescue dog.  You will have to choose if it is in memory of your special dog (red heart tag) or in honor of your special dog (green bone tag)



3.  Tell us your special dog's name to be engraved on the tag

4.  Enter your story in the space provided about your special dog to be published on our site.

5. Make the 10.00 donation via Paypal

Once this is completed, we will receive this form.  We will engrave your special dog's name on the tag of your choice.  Depending on what tag you picked, it will read as follows: Rescued in (honor/memory)of_________(your dog's name).    The tag will be placed on the rescue dog and a picture will be emailed to you.  The rescue dog will wear his/her tags into their new home when they are adopted.  Their new family will know that your special dog helped to give this rescue dog a new beginning.